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We deliver graphic highlights, create complete advertising campaigns, design spaces, light, producing POS materials and giving your ideas an image.


Immaker visualizes without compromises

Immaker masters the digital printing such as textile printing or the XXL format. Our own commitment to quality is the most essential element in the entire production process. A flawless, customized production starts with the planning and results in a high printing resolution focussing on exact details. The result is proven in colors and motifs of highest quality. 

Quick turnaround, flexible quantities, short production times and an excellent value for money is offered by Immaker digital printing. For fabrics, weather proofed material, banners, stage background, show-rooms, or as display: textile printing is the right choice. The XXL-print provides size and extreme visibility, because it must sometimes be off standard. 

The product range of Immaker  covers short runs for test prints, vehicle graphics, banners and flags manufacturing, stage decorations, art prints up to seemingly difficult challenges. 

The applications for printed products are many and vary in advertising, at events, vehicles, buildings, as well in arts and of course in the everyday use. 

Immaker designs your product needs and developes the appropriate production process for an effective presentation. From initial design through the jargon to the finished product Immaker provides competently and effectively its range to your advantage. We would like your brand, your message, your product is visible.


Fair/Retail Constructions, POS Material

With Immaker you are on the right track

If seeing something too often, it seems to be normal and if something is not normal, then we see it! Immaker happens to realizing things outside the normal and composes you a complete look at trade  shows, retail or with commercial messages. Immaker create advertising panels with LED technology, wood or aluminum, with systems or own designs. Immaker brings it to any location with properly set ups, plan ahead, carry out and providing the entire logistics. 

Without surprises: this made sure by our-made 3D animations enabling you in advance to enter your showrooms and booths. We provide special solutions and form materials, that combine technology with design and calculate structures and safety. We schedule precise timelines and personnel, being focused on the task and objectives and ensure that everything is perfect.


Graphic / Corporate Design

Graphic design is offering space for imagination, abstraction and simplicity.

Immaker creates statements which stimulate, imply thoughts and transport messages. Simplicity is the completion and in the complex is embedded with diversity at all levels. Immaker designs your artwork or changes already existing designs, while we are always in compliance with your corporate design. Whether unusual, simple, modern or classic, we design your graphics to the principles of creativity and feasibility. We design your communication of logo, stationery, advertising, products 
or website. We integrate your constants and being aware at any time to represent your interests.

Industrial design for long-term campaigns are just as exciting for us such as one layout for current advertising. Inspired by daily exercise, we design from art to the minimum font the appropriate graphic. Your company or product identity is the red thread and innovation is our mission, we bring together both professionally and create graphics, 
customers will talk about, invite them to watch implying real significanceWe set standards in active and attractive communication. In the team Immaker there is a constant exchange of views and thanks to the open structures given any thought has a place in our considerations. Thus at the end offering the bestWe are Immaker.

ECOM / Software

Network, Database, Website, Immaker

Immaker offers solutions for optimal digital communication and the creation and management of databases and network software. We create high quality websites or network for your employees, customers and partners in real time around the world. Quick access to records, archiving, or the targeted placement of advertising strategies based on more efficient and manageable software. Immaker create databases for your needs and provides tailored network solutions in which your existing software will be integrated. No time-consuming switching between programs, but clear functions for all applications.

Immaker gives the right appearance of your corporate identity and allows you to quick and effective communication on the World Wide Web.