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Webshop, Online Portals, Floor Planning


"Please send me a banner in the size XY," "Do you have a product photo of the sneaker so and so? "," Could you tell me the description for sent article A, B and C? "As CEO you can relate easily to such questions of your online business partners requested by mail, phone or even by fax.... Given the large number of small and large web stores, the manual management of requests reminds sometimes of a twisted cube: Hardly a side is solved, other side being mixed

With e-commerce management system E-COM Immaker provides a stringent 
presence of your brand at all (Internet) pages: Specific set up of online portal your trading partners can own all the necessary information, advertising materials and texts for bundled products and promotions, easily and suitable for their format to retrieve. With E-COM you can also manage launches ensuring that your promotional campaigns at key accounts generate best revenue in the expected time frame. 

E-COM provides you and your staff more time for conceptual guaranteed tasks and your trading partners to date and legally compliant advertising. For you this means less cost, lower processing costs and for your brand a consistent image with brand-compliant campaigns, images and texts.